Sharp Pain in Anus, When Sitting, Walking, Passing Stool, Causes, Cure

Sharp pain in anus, near anus when sitting or passing stool may have several causes including anal fissure and hemorrhoid blood clots. In severe cases, patients may experience sharp pain in bottom when sitting is a nightmare that no one what s to go through.

The anus is right in the middle of your buttocks and that’s wat you use to sit. So having sharp pain in the anus definitely means you won’t be able to sit down comfortably.

sharp pain in anus
sharp pain in anus

Causes of sharp pain in anus

Anal pain also medically referred to as proctalgia fugax or Levator ani syndrome may be experienced in different parts of the anal canal.

There are several causes of sharp pain in anus. Some of them can be avoided or prevented by living a healthy life style while others are symptoms of underlying health issue. The following are the main common cause of sharp pain in the anus.

Anal pain in female/women is more common than in men due to the fact that women tend to have more organs located near the anus than men.

  • Sudden sharp pain on anus may last for a few minutes while in some cases, sudden anal pain may last for hours. The major cause of sudden pain in the anal area is random muscle spasms in the anal area that sometimes happen without any particular cause.

Neural entrapment may also cause sudden expansion and contraction of muscles found in the anus. This in most cases causes a cramping like pain or sharp pain at the anal opening and may vary from one individual to other.

  • Pain in bottom when sitting or walking is always as a result of pressure felt between the anal walls. In most cases, the pain will be felt deep in the anus and is medically referred to as the levator ani. This pain tends to last longer and it is advisable to seek medical help when experiencing this.

Symptoms of anal fissure include pain in the anus that is similar to that you experience when something cuts through your skin. Pain caused by anal fissures will always last for long and can cause great discomfort.

  • Constipation is also a major cause of pain in the anus when passing stool. Children experiencing pain in anus during bowel movements in most cases is as a result of the stool being lager than the bum hole.

This will make them feel like the stool is tearing through their anus and can be very painful. This may be the reason why some children cry and feel extreme pain while passing stools.

Other causes that may leave you with this condition include colorectal cancer, large polyps, Rectal Prolapse, Ulcers among others.

Sharp pain in anus with blood

Blood in the anus accompanied with sharp pain should be checked by a doctor immediately. Hemorrhoidal bleeding as described by medical practitioners in most cases is a light blood discharge in the anus that should never be ignored.

  • In some cases, the stool is larger and tough than the anal walls. This may cause a tear in the soft inner walls of the anus causing them to bleed. In this case you will see blood stains on the stools and experience extreme pain when passing stool. This can happen in both children and adults.

Large stools will also cause a very sore and itchy anus after passing stools.

  • Poor hygiene and not washing the anal area properly while taking a bath may cause serious pain on the anal opening due to bacterial infections.

Note that the bum hole area is dark and warm and it is easy for bacterial and fungal infections to attack the area. This can cause an extremely itchy painful anus when walking, sitting or during bowel movement.

  • In our society today unlike the past, people practice anal sex. Anal sex can be dangerous especially when it is dry. This can damage the anal linings and in some cases, cause serious infections.

Intimate partners who practice this type of pleasures should seek medical advice when they experience extreme anal pain after intercourse.

  • In some cases, there will be sharp pain in anus with a blood discharge. This should be treated and one should stop engaging in any activities until the ay are healed.

Chronic constipation can lead to a condition that is medically referred to as solitary rectal ulcer syndrome. This is a condition that can cause serious anal bleeding and pain when passing stool.

According to mayoclinic, Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome is a condition that occurs when one or more open sores (ulcers) develop in the rectum. The rectum is a muscular tube that’s connected to the end of your colon. Stool passes through the rectum on its way out of the body”

Sharp pain in anus without blood

In some cases, there will be no blood while you have pain in the anus. In most cases, this are caused by spasms of the anal sphincter muscles that cause pain at the anal opening.

  • There are other muscles in the anus that are referred to as the lavatory muscles. This muscles are located in the pelvic area. A sudden involuntary contraction or expansion of this muscles can cause sudden sharp pain in the anus or pelvic area.

When the muscles in the pelvic floor fail to relax during bowel movement or when passing stool, there will be definitely pain when passing stool. This is a major cause of constipation that can be very painful and is common in children.

  • In some patients, there are different reason that may cause the rectum to pop through he anus. This condition is also known as rectal prolapse and can cause severe pain in the anus.

Over-eating or taking excess food can always and will always put you in problems while passing out stool. This is generally referred to as constipation. People who overeat may experience serious sharp pain during bowel movement and should consider taking lots of water to ease up the process.

  • Pain in the anus when pooping or passing stool is mostly associated with constipation. But it may also occur if digestion did not take place properly and most of the food has not been broken down properly. Constipation has been discussed in details below.

Constipation is a bowel movement complication where by you pass stool that is very hard and dry. They may come out as small balls or as a hard mass that will strain your anus and crack tithe process of passing stool while constipating causes sharp pain in the anus which is accompanied by bleeding from the cracks in the anus.

  • It is not advisable to hold onto nature call number 2 for long. You need to go to the loo whenever you feel the urge to pass stool. The main cause of constipation is poor life style and bad diet.

Lack of exercising and a diet full of dairy products, sugar, alcohol and caffeine is the leading cause of constipation.

  • These factors increase dehydration in the body and thus making the stool dry and hard. The best way to prevent constipation is by drinking enough water. Doctors recommend up to 2.2 litres a day for an adult.

Causes of pain in anus after passing out stool

There are patients who suffer serious pain after passing out stools. This in most cases is caused by constipation and is normally treated by simple home remedies like changing your diet and taking lots of water.

  • However, there are other causes of sharp pain in the anus after bowel movements like haemorrhoids which help in bowel movement. As much as these are part of us, haemorrhoids can sometimes become thrombosed externally thus causing serious pain and discomfort when passing stools.

Symptoms of hemorrhoid blood clots causing sharp anal pain include fibromuscular tissue that may form on the anal canal causing the hemorrhage of the blood vessels in this area.

  • When there is a tear on the epithelium that is part of the lining in the anal canal, this is referred to as Anal fissure. As discussed earlier, constipation can cause a tear of the anal linings and this is one of the major cause of this condition.

A fissure is a crack. Therefore, an anal fissure is a crack in the skin that covers the opening of the anus. Anal fissure occurs when the asshole is over stretched.

  • People that constipate a lot pass hard stool that ends up cracking the anal opening in a painful process. The muscle the controls the expansion and contraction of the anal opening can also cause anal fissure when it’s too tight and does not stretch wide enough during a long call.

There is also a condition known as diverticulitis which affect parts of the large and small intestines. One of the major symptoms associated to this condition is having conditions like headaches, Fever, pain in the lower abdomen that accompany sharp pain in the anus.

  • In some cases, especially in children, severe diarrhea may cause sore in the bum hole due to the continuous process. This will make the anal linings weak thus they become sore or can even tear in the process.
    Itchy sharp pain in anus when passing stool, after passing stool
    Itchy sharp pain in anus when passing stool, after passing stool

Sharp pain in anus during period

Though It is not a normal thing in most ladies, Yes, Some women experience pain in the anus during their monthly period.

  • In most cases among the women interviewed, they experience pain in the lower abdomen and stomach pains accompanied by sharp pain in the anus during their menstrual periods.

While some used over the counter paracetamol to cool down the pain and reduce the pain, It is highly advisable to see your doctor to check things out and give the correct ways of dealing with anal pain during monthly periods.

Sharp pain in the anus during period may also be an indication of a health condition known as endometriosis. This is a disorder where the walls of the uterus (endometrium) hang outside the uterus and get attached to the cervix or other reproductive organs. During period the tissues swell and causes pain.

Causes of sharp pain in anus and lower abdomen

Sharp pain in anus and lower abdomen in female or male may have several underlying causes and should be therefore examined by a doctor if you are not sure with the exact causative factor.

Some medical causes of this condition include Pelvic congestion syndrome, Endometriosis, Uterine prolapse, Vulvodynia, Masses in ovary or uterus, interstitial cystitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

  • This are conditions that should not be diagnosed at home and should be looked into by a doctor for the right medication and prescriptions as some of them could be deadly.

A condition that may cause sharp pain in anus, lower abdomen in female include the uterine prolapse. This condition in Women is normally accompanied with serious sharp pain that shoots from the lower abdomen to the anus. Seek medical help when you experience such symptoms.

  • Chronic pelvic pain that may be experienced in the lower abdomen and this in most cases may also be felt when one is passing bowel or in the anus and is common among women.

Women may also experience shooting pains between the anus and the vaginal area. This in some cases is linked to what is known as pre-umbilical pain. Well most of this conditions may involve screening and experienced medical practitioners to diagnose.

Sharp pain in anus male may have the general cause that always point to prostatitis considered to be the most common cause of anal pain.

Men who practice same gender sex also known as homosexuality may also experience severe sharp pain in anus especially when it is rough and not lubricated.

Causes of Sharp pain in anus at night

Over the years, doctors have determined that there are a number of patients or individuals who only experience sharp pain in anus at night.

One of the major cause of a painful itchy anus at night is bacterial and fungal infections due to poor cleaning of the anal area while taking a shower or bathing.

This will leave you with an itchy anus due to the fact that any bacteria or fungi that is in the bum hole or butt crack area will become active when you are asleep at night and your body is moist and warm.

Another cause of this condition while sleeping may include sleeping in extra tight pants that are not made of cotton.

This will definitely cause you to sweat at night and the most affected areas include you bum crack, armpits, neck and behind the knees. The sweat will definitely irritate your skin causing you to itch severely.

Proctalgia fugax that is also refed to as intermittent chronic syndrome is an intermittent condition that may be chronic if not taken care of at its early persistent symptoms. This condition in most cases have it’s symptoms escalate at night due to persistent cramping of the sphincter muscles in the anus when you are sleeping.

Anal pain during pregnancy

One of the causes of sharp pain in anus after passing stool or during bowel women t is constipation as discussed above.

During pregnancy there are several hormonal changes that a woman will experience in her body and some of those changes can cause constipation.

You may also look at rash around anus

How to get rid of sharp pain in anus, stop them using simple home remedies

For constipation and difficulty when passing stools, you may consider taking lots of water after eating every meal. Water will definitely help in the digestion process that will also determine you Bowell movements.

There are also simple over the counter prescriptions that can be prescribed by any pharmacist near you. This in most cases are not expensive as they are just aimed helping you speed up the digestion process in case you are having issues with that.

Diarrhoea will also have taking lots of water as one of its major home remedy. Water will help in easing up the loose stools and also play a major role in diluting them. This will minimise the chances of having sharp pain in the anus when passing loose stools or sore anus after passing bowels.

Taking proper shower and washing the butt crack well with clean soap and water will help in minimising infections and stop the breeding of any foreign elements in the anal area. Remember hygiene plays a great role in the healing process.

Diet and what you take will also help in easing painful bowel movements. Try taking lubricating fruits like the avocado, banana and smoothies. If possible, blend some avocado and take it in fluid form as this is one of the best ways of having loose stools or lubricating them to stop the pain in anus after using the toilet.

Consider applying Vaseline in any sore you have in the bum crack or cheeks as this will help in reducing the burning pain in arears around the anus.

Another bad habit that may harm or cause damage to your anal walls is holding back stools while you have the urge to for long. This can cause damage to the muscles at the anus opening causing sharp pain in the anus when sitting down or walking. Try and relieve yourself as soon as possible when you feel the need to do so.

Try and eat enough fibre food. Individuals that eat less food that contain fibre can end up with chronic constipation that can cause Hemorrhoids

According to digestive-health, If you feel a lump when wiping, you are most likely feeling an external hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoids cannot be felt with the fingers unless a digital examination is done”

Treatment may also involve use of antibiotics and screening of the internal organs for patients with severe sharp anal pain. This include patients with shooting pain from the internal organs to the anus.

Some patients may have to go for surgery as prescribed by the doctor. Tis include those suffering from sharp pain in the anus caused by rectal prolapse were the rectum appears outside the anus. Endometriosis may also require surgery as well as edenomyosis.

Always remember this, if you note blood stains in your pants that you suspect is coming from the anus, do not ignore. Seek medical advice immediately and have it checked before it escalates and turns out into a worse condition.


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