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White Spots on Penis – Glans, Pictures | White Patches on Foreskin, Itchy Dots, Bumps, Treatment

White spots on penis head, shaft, or foreskin can indicate symptoms of yeast infection, poor hygiene, pearly penile purples, STD or even Fordyce spots. There are several health conditions discussed in this article that can cause white penile spots and some can be dangerous if left untreated. They may also …

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Ingrown Hair on Penis shaft: Causes, Get Rid, Remove Ingrown Hair Bump on Penile Shaft Fast, Image

Ingrown hair on penis shaft can cause small bumps on the penile shaft that can be itchy sore and painful. These ingrown hair bumps on penile shaft can sometimes be confused with sexually transmitted diseases especially when they are infected. Ingrown hair can also appear at the base of the …

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Eczema on Penis: Pictures, {Head, Shaft, Foreskin} – How to Get Rid of Penile Eczema, Treatment

Eczema on penis causes itchy red dry skin on penis head or shaft. It is also known as penile dermatitis. Penile eczema can also affect men that are circumcised and cause painful sore on penis. For uncircumcised men, the best way to get rid of eczema on foreskin permanently is …

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