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Ingrown Hair on Penis shaft: Causes, Get Rid, Remove Ingrown Hair Bump on Penile Shaft Fast, Image

Ingrown hair on penis shaft can cause small bumps on the penile shaft that can be itchy sore and painful. These ingrown hair bumps on penile shaft can sometimes be confused with sexually transmitted diseases especially when they are infected.

Ingrown hair can also appear at the base of the penis where there is pubic hair. When this happens, there will be a bump on the pubic area that may be puss filled and painful just like the ones on the penile base or shaft.

Infected ingrown hair on penile shaft, base or pubic are mainly characterized by bumps that tend to filled with fluids like pus and may be painful in some cases. Some patients may also experience a case were by these bumps keep coming back and won’t just go away.

In some cases, ingrown hair symptoms may clear on their own but it is best advisable to get rid and remove them fast before they are infected and become unbearable

What causes ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair comes as a result of hair that does not grow as normally required. This is a situation were by hair tends to coil and dig into the skin instead of growing and projecting out as needed.

In some cases, the hair tip that is supposed to pierce through the skin will grow along the skin and lie or rest on the skin instead of standing upright as required. When this happens, it is easy for it to dig back into the skin especially if your skin is very soft.

Symptoms of ingrown hair on penis

How does ingrown hair on penis look like? – well the best answer to this is by looking at the symptoms of ingrown hair that will help you identify ways of getting rid of them

Looking at symptoms is important before you start looking at the home remedies because you may be treating sexually transmitted diseases instead of treating ingrown hair in the groin area.

The first symptoms of an ingrown hair is a dark raised bump or small lump on penis shaft. The bump may be soft or hard depending on the type of skin you have.

In the initial stages, it will just be a tiny raised bump on the shaft but as time goes by, it may start to increase in size due to infections

How does infected ingrown hair on penile shaft look like?

The answer to this is that when infected, an ingrown hair will become swollen itchy and filled with puss. This can be painful or not painful and can sometimes be smelly.

Pumps on the penis that go away without any treatment may also be a sign of penile ingrown hair. However, they pay leave scars or dark spots on the penile shaft.

In some cases, after shaving the penile base or the pubic area in general – you may have an itchy feeling on the saved area that may be as a result of hair that is growing back but cannot pierce through the skin.

While razor bumps on pubic area and the penis shaft are always the cause of this itchy feeling after shaving, ingrown hair may also be a culprit.

Ingrown hair may also cause a pimple on the penile shaft, base or the pubic area in general. These pimples are generally characterized by being a little hard and may have a puss like fluid in them

Individuals who happen to have less dark skin or those with the lighter shade of skin may be able to physically see the ingrown hair tin the skin compared to those with dark skin.

A dark string like curl inside a light pimple, bump or a small lump on the penile shaft has a high possibility of being an ingrown hair.

causes of ingrown hair on penis shaft, base and pubic area.

The first major cause of ingrown hair is poor shaving technique. This involve the use of a blunt blade in shaving the penile shaft base or the pubic area. A blunt blade will push some of the hair back into the skin instead of cutting then on the spot as the fall off.

According to healthmds.org, “Basically, after shaving or when new hair is growing on the skin, the stem is expected to grow outside the skin. When it fails to appear outside the skin and remains inside, it is then called an ingrown hair. The skin will treat it as a foreign body and will react against it. This reaction is what results into bumps, a painful itch or other symptoms”

Dry tough skin that is less moisturized will definitely cause trouble for any hair that is try to grow as required naturally. This will make them coil back into the skin and when this happens, you will definitely have ingrown hair on the skin.

Another cause of hair curling back into the skin instead of sticking out can be poor waxing skills and how you treat the skin after waxing. Waxing should be done only with experts so that they can as well provide a healthy after care prescription depending on the type of skin that you have.

When the hair follicles of the skin are blocked or clogged, they will block hair from growing out of the skin naturally. This will encourage hair to curl and grow back into the skin causing unwanted ingrown hair. Skin chaffing and sticky sweat are some of the factors that can clog and block the hair follicle and pores.

Naturally, there are individuals that tend to have hair that curl on the skin. When your hair doesn’t grow straight and tend to curl while growing, there is a possibility that they will soon pierce through the skin. This is more likely to happen in the soft areas like the armpits, pubic area and the penile shaft.

Tight under pants and boxers will definitely make the groin area moist due to lack of air flow. The constant sweat on the skin will definitely block the hair follicles. This will be a barrier to healthy hair growth. Constant sweat will also make the hair spread against the skin this encouraging them to grow back in the skin instead of projecting out.

Excessive keratin production on the skin will cause a condition known as keratosis pilaris. This condition will clog and block the hair follicles. When this happens. Hair will not grow as required from the skin thus encouraging the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Too much keratin on the skin will also cause bumps on the skin that may appear to be red or brown on the skin. This happens due to an increase of dead cells on the skin caused by the keratin.

Poor waxing techniques will also encourage the growth of ingrown hair when hair is growing back on the skin. Waxing should always be done by qualified and trained personnel.

It has also been discovered that underlying diseases of the skin that affect the hair follicles directly can cause ingrown hair on the skin. This include skin diseases like ring worms and eczema also known as atopic dermatitis on the skin.

This skin conditions may cause the hair on your skin to grow along the skin or block them from growing as required. When this happens, chances of getting ingrown hair will be high compared to those with no skin infections.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Penis and Remove Them Naturally Fast

Removing penile ingrown hair bumps on penile shaft and the pubic area at home will require patience, hygiene and the implementation of the following steps.

Proper shaving techniques

Lear how to shave and get the basics right if you want to avoid ingrown hair that keep coming back on the skin. Shave along the grains and avoid pressing the blade so much on the skin.

  1. Remove the hair in stages. Cut long hair first using a pair of shaving scissors
  2. You may go ahead and apply some soap leather on the area to shave
  3. Be gently while at it and remember don’t try shaving everything with one stroke
  4. Go in stages, concentrate on the longer hair before you get to the short hair near the skin

Use sharp blade

Avoid the use of blunt blade as this will definitely cause ingrown hair bumps after shaving. When using a blunt blade while shaving, it will push some of the hair into the skin while it will shave some.

The hair that is pushed back on the skin will attach and become glued to the skin thus encouraging the possibility of ingrown hair on penis shaft, base or the groin in general.

A sharp blade will cut the hair smoothly from the base. This will encourage the healthy growth of hair as required. This will also keep away unwanted itchy razor bumps on the skin

Exfoliate regularly

What is exfoliation and how will it help in getting rid of ingrown hair?

Well, exfoliation is the process of getting rid of unwanted dry dead keratinized skin that always build on the skin layer with time. Exfoliation will help you in getting rid of ingrown hair on the skin and leave you with a smooth healthy skin.

You may consider exfoliating a day or two before you plan shaving. Exfoliation will also help in keeping away unwanted skin oil that will clog the hair follicles. If you have to exfoliate after shaving, give it time. Do this 3-5 day after shaving. This will avoid irritating the skin that is fresh from shaving.

Avoid tight underpants

Tight underpants as discussed above will not give the skin a breathing space. Get some nice loose under pants or boxers made of cotton that will absorb sweat. This will help a lot in getting rid of ingrown hair on penis shaft, base, pubic area and the groin in general.

Moisturize the skin

Keep your whole body and skin moisturized always for a healthy smooth skin. Tis can be easily achieved by taking a warm shower daily and applying the best recommended skin moisturizers.

Vaseline is one of the most available and easy to find over the counter moisturizer. Vaseline has been used over the years to keep a smooth healthy and moisturized skin.


Drinking the required amount of water daily will also help in keeping the skin and the body generally fit and free from skin related conditions. Hydration will also prevent dry irritated skin. When hydration and body hygiene is kept in check, the less problems you will have. It is as simple as drinking water every day.

Creams with hydrocortisone

Over the counter hydrocortisone creams prescribed by your pharmacists may help in getting rid of the bumps caused by ingrown hair on the skin. Simply describe the nature of the bump and the pharmacist will definitely prescribe the best in dealing with this.

When you use the right Hydrocortisone cream as prescribed, you will also notice a fast reduction in the swollen bump wchich will help you to easily remove the ingrown hair.

Warm Compress

Applying a warm compress on the penile ingrown hair is a good effective way when looking for how to get rid of ingrown hair on penis skin, pubic area and the groin in general. This will also help in other parts of the skin including the face.

Use the following steps;

  1. Get some clean warm water in a basin
  2. Soak a clean towel in the basin for some time
  3. Gently hold it on the ingrown hair and press firmly to soak on the skin
  4. You may also use the towel to gently pinch on the ingrown hair for better results
  5. Repeat this two time a day for better results

After shaving cream

After shaving or waxing, try and get medically approved after shaving creams. This will help in getting rid of any razor bumps and resist the development of an ingrown hair on the skin. This will also help in avoiding an itchy feeling on the skin after shaving.

General hygiene

One of the best ways to keep ingrown hair away is to maintain cleanliness. Ensure you shave the groin using well sterilized blades or machines. If you have to pop or prick out the ingrown hair, make sure you use a new sharp object like a pin or a needle that has never been used before and is sterilized.

Popping an ingrown hair bump

One of the easiest way of getting rid of ingrown hair is by popping the bump to remove the pus and the trapped hair in the bump.

Remember, you have to wait until the bump is ready to be popped as shown in the image above. popping this bumps may be extremely painful especially if you are not experienced at it.

Here are a few steps you may use when popping an ingrown hair if you have to; (NOTE: it is Not advisable for children to use this steps alone)

  1. First do some warm compress on the bump as explained above
  2. When it is soft and you can see the puss and the hair inside, gently use a needle or a pin to prick on it.
  3. Apply the compress and massage on the bump to help in draining out the puss or any fluid in it.
  4. Once every fluid is out, you may see spots of blood on the towel. This is a sign that foreign fluids have been removed
  5. At this stage the ingrown hair should have definitely come out with the fluids or puss
  6. Use another clean towel with warm water to clean the area and let it dry out and heal naturally.

Avoid shaving regularly

By this we don’t mean that you should keep bush down there. We all know a bushy groin can sometimes be hectic to deal with and most couples prefer shaving and keeping the groin area clean.

However, try and space out the shaving periods as much as you can. This will help in giving the skin a natural period to heal from the shaving strokes. I.e shaving the groin hair on a daily basis will definitely increase the chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Shaving gel

For you to shave the groin area well and clean, you will have to leather the area to make the hair soft and easy to work on.

  1. If you cannot get a shaving gel, you may just use ordinary antibiotic soap to leather the area before you shave.
  2. This means that you will first make a foam from the soap.
  3. Apply the foam on the area you want to shave.
  4. Then gently shave and be careful not to shave too close to the skin.
  5. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
  6. You may consider applying some after shaving cream to treat the area.
  7. This will keep away itching and infections on the newly shaved skin.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies to remove ingrown hair on penis shaft, bumps and infections. It has antibacterial ingredients that will not react with the skin and will also help a great deal in skin ex foliation.

  1. Simply wash the ingrown hair with some warm water and pat dry with cleans towel
  2. Use a clean piece of cotton wool to apply apple cider vinegar directly on the ingrown hair
  3. Hold it and massage the ingrown hair cyst or bump with the cotton wool until it soaks on it
  4. Do this for a bout 15-30 minutes then pat to dry.
  5. You may repeat this once a day before you go to bed for better results
  6. If you have to perform a sexual intercourse, ensure you rinse thoroughly since this may irritate the inner walls of the female vag.


Using tweezers to get rid of ingrown hair on penis shaft, balls sac or pubic area is one of the common procedures.

  1. Wash the ingrown hair with some warm water to help in exposing the hair
  2. Get a clean sterilized tweezer and hold the ingrown air by the tip
  3. Gently pull It out then wash the area again and pat dry.

According to medicinenet, “Chemical depilatories like Neet or Nair can loosen the structure of hair, resulting in blunt tips of shaved hairs at the follicular opening. Chemical depilatories may be used every second or third day rather than every day to avoid chemical irritation on the skin. Hydrocortisone cream can be applied to alleviate the irritation caused by chemical depilatories”

Infected ingrown hair cyst on penis

Ingrown hair bump can be infected. When this happens, it will turn into a puss filled bump that may be red and very painful. In some cases, it may produce a smelly fluid and may even be confused for herpes bumps or other sexually transmitted diseases. In such a case you may wonder is it an ingrown hair or std. If you are not sure, seek medical advice for verification.

Infected ingrown hair bumps may also appear yellow or look green due to bacterial infections on the penile shaft or skin. This can also cause an ingrown hair cyst on penis shaft

The major cause of infection in this case is the excessive production of skin sebum or oil. When this combines with fungal or bacterial infection on the ingrown hair bump, it will be puss filled and look like a cyst on penile shaft.

A bump on pubic area, penile shaft or the groin area in general that is puss filled and should never be ignored. As much as ingrown hair may cause it, there are also some sexually transmitted diseases that can cause those bumps on penis. When this happens, immediate medical attention is required.

Individuals with sensitive body mechanism may have a sudden lump in the groin area. This happens when the cyst on the penis becomes painful and the is trying to fight it off. The angina glands that are located in the groin will always swell and may be painful when you have foreign infections in the body.

It is therefore advisable to avoid piercing ingrown hair on penis shaft using unsterilized sharp objects or needles. When you do this you may increase the chances of having a cyst on penis shaft. If not treated with care they will heal and leave ingrown hair scars on the affected area. This is the last thing you want.

Treatment may involve the prescription of antibiotics to fight the infections and keep them away from coming back on the skin. This should be prescribed by a doctor or a dermatologist after examining and finding exact cause of the bumps.

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