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What is The Clear Liquid From Pimple Comes Out?

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You roll out of bed, get in front of a mirror, and to your horror, you see that huge zit sitting on your forehead! While some people leave it as it is, the majority of individuals are somehow tempted to squeeze and pop that pimple, for the hopes that it’s going to look better for the day. As you pop that pimple, you see a clear liquid oozing out from your zit – what does it mean?

Before anything else, it is important that we understand the reason behind why a zit occurs, and why it is ‘not’ a good idea to pop your pimples yourself. A zit can be formed due to a number of different reasons – it can be due to clogged pores, excess sebum production, or dirt that has been sitting on your face stuck into the pores.

As dirt enters your pores, your skin’s natural reaction is to fight that bacteria that may have entered your pores, which then is the primary cause of those pus-filled zits.

When there’s a bacterial infection, this means that your body is producing white blood cells in that region to fight off the bacteria that caused the pimple. This is where the clear liquid enters the scene. That clear liquid you see most of the time whenever you’re popping a pimple is called as the “serious fluid.”

In layman’s terms, these are the white blood cells that were killed during the time that it was fighting the bacterial infection or inflammation. This is your body’s natural response to infection and is a clear indication that your white blood cells are doing a great job fighting off bacteria from your body.

Preventing Clear Liquid Coming Out From Pimple

The answer is really easier than you’ve imagined – instead of stopping the clear liquid from forming and coming out, what you need to address is to stop the pimple from forming. This can be easily done by practicing a regular skin care routine. Choose products that are deeply cleansing your skin without causing damage. If you have sensitive skin, opt for plant-based skin care products that are gentle on your skin.

If you have oily skin, you may want to keep your skin moisturized at all times. Oil buildup is usually caused by dry skin – your skin is trying to compensate for its dryness by producing more oil. So it’s not true that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing – as a matter of fact, you need it more this time.

What About Genes?

Some individuals, sadly, no matter how much skin care they do, they still get pimples, and this can be either caused by a bad diet, genes, or your skin type in general. The next best thing that you need to do to prevent clear liquid coming out is not to pop your pimple at all! Sounds easy, right? In time, the pimple will soon flatten out – and you may want to continue with your skin care routine and ensure your skin is clean at all times.

Check With Your Dermatologist

If these problems still persist, don’t hesitate to pay your dermatologist a visit. This way, they can recommend products and/or a change in diet that could potentially help stop pimple-formation, and in turn, stops you from worrying about the clear liquid that’s coming out of your zit.

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