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Sore on Vagina: STD, Eczema, Yeast Infection Bumps, Blisters | Itchy Bumps on Outer Vag Lips, Cure

Sore on vagina may be caused by itchy bumps on outer vag lips or a painful pimple on vagina. Genital herpes can also cause vaginal blisters which burst into open sores on the female genitals. Other common causes of vaginal sores include yeast infection and eczema on vagina. STD’s and STI’s may also cause red painful vulvar ulcers and sores. Let’s look at more causes and treatment of sore on vaginal lips

A common cause of sore on vagina is vaginal dryness followed by allergic reactions that develop in to sores on in the vagina and around the vagina. Vaginal dryness is caused from decreased lubrication, thinning tissues and low estrogen. This is also a major cause of pain after sex

This conditions may affect some women at an early age but is very common in menopause or after menopause. Allergic reactions are caused by allergens that react to the skin. Vaginal sores may also be caused from sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs or STIs)

Causes of Sore on Vagina and Vulvar Ulcers

Vaginal sores are commonly caused from allergic reactions or sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It is advisable to consult a doctor to check out the symptoms in order to verify the exact causes or the sores found in or around the vagina.

Some chronic diseases may also cause painful sores that are itchy and give a burning effect on the vagina Below are some of the common causes of sores on or in vagina.

1. Vaginal lubricants

Vaginal Lubricants may cause allergic reactions on the vagina. This can result into pimples on vagina or rashes that later cause open vaginal sores. Some lubricants

2. Dry vagina

A dry vagina is a condition that is also referred to as vaginal dryness. This is normally caused by low estrogen level in the body, low levels of lubrication and the thinning tissue.

It is easy to sore a dry vagina during sexual intercourse. This is a major cause of sore on the labia, clitoris, vulva and the vaginal lips.

3. Tight underpants, Hot pants, bikini and G-strings

Friction from tight under pants may cause sores especially on the vulva area or the vagina. Tight under pants may causes a moist, sweaty environment on the vaginal surface while walking, running, work outs or daily routines while on duty. This may cause serious burns, pimples and open sores on the genitals and on the vagina.

4. Condoms

Condoms are synthetic products that are not natural and the body treats them as foreign elements. This fact alone is enough for them to act as allergen to some individuals. Condoms may cause serious irritations that mar results into ugly open sores on the vagina.

A 2005 Study in Germany verified that some condoms contain carcinogens which explains why a prolonged use of condoms may cause cervical or ovarian cancer.

5. Shaving

Poor shaving of the vagina may cause irritation on the labia or the outer vaginal surface. This may result into bumps, lumps, pimples or rushes on the vagina. If not treated properly, all this may cause open sores on the vagina.

6. Shampoos and soaps

Some shampoos and soaps contain chemical elements that are allergic to some individuals and may cause sore on vagina. Some may itch or give a burning sensation when used to wash or clean the vagina and the sensitive skin of the genitals. Always stick to what is good for your skin.

7. Ingrown hair on vagina

Ingrown hair on vagina after shaving may result into bumps or lumps that may irritate and cause sores. The vaginal skin is very sensitive and delicate and if ingrown hair gets infected, they may cause bad sores on the vagina.

According to treatcurefast, “Embedded hair appears as a swollen bump on the skin with a dark spot in the center…The irritation that makes the area to swell comes from the follicle trying to push its way out of the skin. When infected, the bump can look white or yellow because it is pus-filled”

This description of ingrown hair infection is important because some individuals may confuse it with an STD or STI infection.

8. Herpes type 2

Herpes type 2 may cause vaginal sores, bumps and blisters. Bumps, rashes or pimples that are filled with fluids may also be on the vagina and genitals.

9. Syphilis

Syphilis causes vulvar ulcers and vaginal sores that tend to be red and may not be painful. Painless open sores may always be examined to verify is they are caused from syphilis.

10. Genital warts

Genital warts are sexually transmitted infections that are viral. They are caused by human papilloma virus commonly known as HPV that is transmitted sexually.

  • Genital wats in women affect the vaginal lips, vulva, inside the vagina, the vaginal walls or the cervix and in some cases, it may even be noticed in the anus.
  • Genital warts may cause itchy inflamed sores on the vagina. In some cases, they may be painful or not.
  • They are characterized by bumpy fleshy growths that form small cluster and are persistent. They do not come and go like herpes.

11. Pregnancy and breast feeding

Pregnancy is a major cause of hormonal changes in the body and may result into dry vagina. A dry vagina translates to as sore vagina. Breast feeding mothers may also have the same experience.

12. Sanitary pads

During monthly periods, sanitary towels may cause serious sores due to the damp and hot environment. The menstrual flaws irritate the skin on the vagina and the genital areas.

  • Women with delicate and sensitive skin suffer a lot from this rushes and sores.
  • The sanitary pads or towels may also rub on a dry skin while walking or exercising and this may sore up the vagina or the genitals.

13. Sexual Intercourse

Regular sexual intercourse while the vagina is not properly wet may also cause sores. Rough sex from the strokes of a male on the vagina may sore up the vagina resulting in bad vaginal blisters on the clitoris. This may also affect the urethra and the vulva areas of the vagina.

14. Yeast infection or Candidiasis

Yeast infection on the vagina causes intense itching on the vagina and the vulva. The pain and scratching causes sores on the vagina and may get worse in hot environments due to increased sweating.

15. Trichomoniasis

This causes inflammations that is itchy and may be characterized with a discharge that may be yellow or green that may be foamy. It causes discomforts while walking, pain while urinating and the itching may be very intense on some victims.

16. Pubic lice

Pubic lice also known as pubic crabs cause sores that are itchy and may be identified by dandruff at the base of the pubic hair. The dandruff may be white or grayish depending on the level of infection.

Pubic lice or crabs are always contacted from;

  1. Having sex when your partner is infested with the lice of crabs on his pubic area
  2. Sleeping in a bed that has the crabs or lice on the beddings
  3. Soaking in a pool used by an infested individual
  4. Poor hygiene and sharing of clothes and undergarments with individuals who have these crabs and lice

17. Scabies

Scabies may be contacted form itch mites that cause rashes that are intense and itch. The sores from these rashes are likely to be red in color and can be very uncomfortable and give one sleepless nights.

18. Vaginitis

Vaginitis is a condition were the vagina is inflamed and becomes sore. The inflamed sores may itch and irritate. They may cause abnormal discharge form the vagina in some cases accompanied with foul smell.

Vaginitis is caused by fungal infections, bacterial infections, chemical irritations, genital herpes and vaginal dryness. This condition can be treated with the help of a good doctor or a gynecologist.

How to Soothe Sore on Vagina using Home Remedies

The vagina is a very important reproductive organ that should be well taken care off. Vaginal sores that develop on the vaginal libs, vulva, labia or on the genitals should be checked out by a doctor or a gynecologist before administering home remedies.

In some cases, those vaginal sores may be related to serious STDs and if not treated in good time, may be life threatening, cancerous and fatal. It is advisable to uses home remedies after a doctor’s verification.


The latest trend of making flavored vaginal lubricants involve the use of menthol to give a cooling effect, alcohol and coloring. This may have negative allergic reactions on some individuals. Check the contents of any lubricant before you apply it to avoid sores what you may be allergic to.


Avoid tight pants while nursing sores on vagina and also check on the qualities of you G-strings, hot pants and under garments. It is advisable to use those made of cotton. Cotton aids in absorbing sweat and keeping the genitals and the vagina well aerated.


Check on the type of condoms you use during intercourse. Be observant on the flavors and the type of condoms especially rubber condoms that may cause allergic reactions. This will help prevent the worsening of existing sore and keep sore on vagina away. You may seek the help of a gynecologist in this.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in its natural form can help in rebuilding vaginal tissues and relieving irritation and vaginal dryness. Vitamin E is also a vital element in maintaining a healthy immune system. Some foods that are rich in vitamin E are:

Raw seeds

Raw seed like sunflower seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds are very rich in vitamin E. A simple intake of a quarter cup of sunflower seeds provides a 90.5% of the recommended value in a day.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is one of the easily available vegetables that is rich in vitamin E and may be taken daily without any risks. A cup of boiled Swiss chard is enough to provide all its needed nutrients in the body.

It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A which are all vital in fighting any internal and external infections that may be causing the sores or other ailments.

More foods and vegetables that should be included in the diet for vitamin E include; Mustard greens, Plant oils, spinach, kale, turnip greens, avocado, pine nuts, hazelnuts, Parsley, Olives, broccoli and papaya.


Drinking a lot of water and more fluid intake helps a lot when it comes to moistening the tissues and the linings of vagina. Hydration is also good for removing toxins from the body and is good for general health. When treating any kind of sore on vagina, consider the intake of more water to health the immune system in fighting off infections. This will also help in natural skin lubrication which is an important healing process.

Soaps and shampoos

Avoid harsh soaps that may irritate the sores. Use gentle soaps that are free from chemicals and contain les allergens like baby soaps when cleaning the vagina. There are also feminine soaps that are specifically made for people with sensitive skin.

Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants

During menopause, almost 85% of women experience dry vaginal episodes due to low estrogen. Thanks to the bioidentical phytoestrogen cream, Vagisil and Replens among others that helps in restoring moisture in the vagina. This is a great way of keeping sore away or controlling existing in the vaginal sores.

Diet and fatty acids

Increased fatty acid intake like omega 3, 6 and 9 can help in the productions of hormones that the body need to relieve a dry vagina. This can also be found on Fish, Olive oil and flaxseed oil.

Sore on vagina remedy – Vaseline

Gently wash the sore areas and dry with a clean towel. Do not rub on the sores vigorously. Be gentle on them. Apply Vaseline or ointments that are free from irritants like alcohol to keep the area lubricated and cool. Avoid tight undergarments in this case.

Hygiene during monthly periods

A constant change of sanitary towels is advisable while nursing any sore on vagina. Clean regularly and choose sanitary towels that are comfortable.

  • You may also consider using tampons instead or sanitary pads that are likely to worsen your sores in case your sores are external.
  • If you have internal sores on the vagina, you may use pads instead of tampons to avoid further irritation on these sores and to allow a quick and fast healing aided by constant cleaning and replacement of the filled pads.

Baking soda

Baking soda has anti-inflammatory and cooling effects on the sores. Simply make a sitz bath at home by suing the following few steps.

  1. Fill a bath tab with water up to the heap level
  2. You may also get a basin and fill it with water just enough to cover the hip area when you sit on it
  3. Add some baking soda on the water and stir to make a solution
  4. Sit on the water definitely without clothes for some time
  5. You may then pat yourself dry and stay for a while before taking your normal bath or applying a moisturizer like Vaseline on the sores and the affected areas.

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Sore on Vagina Treatment

Bumps and sores on the vagina or genitals in general may results from simple allergic reactions but some may result from STDs or STIs and should never be taken lightly.

Consult a qualified doctor or a gynecologist for checkups in order to know exactly what you are dealing with. Pregnant women with vaginal sores may even put the baby’s life at risk if not checked properly.

Treatment may involve the following;

  1. Antibiotics or fungal medicines in cases of bacterial or fungal infections
  2. Corticosteroids depending on the cause of sores on vagina
  3. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory injections in cases of advanced sores
  4. Antiviral medications in case of STDs and STIs that are caused from viral infections
  5. Hydrocortisone or anti-itch medications to control the itching that may make one scratch on the sores
  6. Products like liquid silk or pjur bodyglide may be recommended to lubricate dry vagina

Get tested for STDs

When you notice spots, rushes and bumps that cause sore on vagina and you are not sure on the exact cause, consider consulting a doctor. The doctor will conduct a test especially when thwy are noticed after sexual intercourse with a new partner.

Sore on vagina symptoms

Symptoms of sore on vagina is determined by the cause of the sore. A sore from allergic reaction will vary from a sore caused by an STD or STI (sexually transmitted disease). Below are some general symptoms that may directly point to vaginal sores.

  1. Pimples or rash on the vagina or on the genitals that may be itchy
  2. Tiny bumps that may be reddish on the vagina and its surroundings
  3. Rashes that are fluid filled and may open up to form crusty layers on the vaginal areas
  4. Bleeding inside or outside the vagina
  5. An itchy or tingling feeling inside or outside the vagina that may be persistent
  6. Pain or burning sensation while urinating
  7. Discharge on the vaginal walls that may be colored in some cases


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